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The 100% RAS take place 

Du 28 septembre au 5 octobre


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The 100% RAS is innovative!

  • GPS authorized... - Road-book - Regularity two rhythms

  • Fun workshops

  • Unusual objects to discover


  • End of stages in a comfortable environment and friendly

  • Accompanying persons (friends, family, mechanics, sponsors, etc.) are welcome in the organization of the rally.

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Crossing Morocco
to the white sand beaches

The 100% RAS, a new kind of challenge
Female and mixed accessible to all, the 100% RAS is done in duo or solo, in 4X4 and in “historic” category (vehicles over 30 years old).

The competitors (ts) will also be able to surround themselves with accompanying persons (family, friends, sponsors, mechanics, etc.). 

Un Parallel Raid on the same route as the competitors (ts) is also offered. A driving force of motivation for you participants (ts)!

At the end of the special, a surprise workshop awaits the crews who meet around other fun challenges: course blindfolded, course in reverse, 1 km standing start, balancing on a ramp, orientation exercise (list non-exhaustive) as well as quizzes on different topics.

After the effort, the comfort
At the end of your intense day of driving, take advantage of the evening to relax and experience another adventure in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Massage, sophrology, orchestra...

See or drive, you have to choose!
Interspersed with regularity stages with two race rhythms offered, the 100% RAS includes some challenges. The race strategy then proves to be essential since the sense of observation of the competitors (ts) on these portions of the race will be their best asset in trying to score points and win the stage!

A rally with a big heart
Beyond the existing solidarity within the crew and between the competitors (ts), the 100% RAS chose to return 100% of its profits go to medical research, shared between Morocco and France.

Many surprises are also on the program for this fantastic adventure !

Join the 100% RAS to live a unique and unforgettable experience


Departure : NEW ROUTE under development for 2023


Arrival : Agadir

Le parcours

The 2022 course

Tracé 2023

An adventuresolidarity

Solidarity as a key word

For medical research and in competitiveness

Dunes ofsand...

4x4/SSV ... and camel*


... and landscapes breath taking

Take your head off the steering wheel and the RoadBook


To take the time to admire the landscape

during the race

Breaks & coffee

Get your head out of the steering wheel and the RoadBook...


... to take the time to admire the landscape

during the race

IMG-20221001-WA0031 (1).jpg

Challenges playful

Have fun around the Rally while honing your navigating and driving skills


Rates & Registration

Registration of €7,000 per crew plus an estimated cost €3,000 for fuel, highway, boat and navigation and geolocation device rental (Tripy 2 and Owaka beacon).
A pre-registration of 800 €. In case of with drawal the RAS undertakes to reimburse you €750 (i.e. €50 administration fees).

Budget 100% adjusted with the objective of not exceeding €10,000 (excluding vehicle).

The commitment covers:

  • engagement of the pilot/co-pilot vehicle

  • the sports organization of the event

  • medical assistance

  • sports event organizer liability insurance

  • accommodation

  • evening meals and breakfasts

  • award ceremony, trophy

  • the presence of photographers (photos & videos)

  • publication on the website and social network


The commitment does not cover:

  • fuel

  • the boat trip

  • accommodation and meals outside the organization

  • midday meals (rations)

  • vehicle rental 

  • Aircraft rental: Tripy 2 and Owaka beacon. 

We remind participants that the 100% RAS is subject to the Moroccan authorities and possible constraints related to COVID-19




Adhésion Concurrent(te) sur le Rallye



Pour les participants du Rallye Féminin ou Mixte

Valid for one year

Adhésion annuelle à l'association en tant que concurrent(te)

Les informations qui traite de l’actualité de l’association

Invitation VIP à certaines manifestations de l'association

 + Adhésion à l'association 

Families, friends, sponsors, enthusiasts...

follow in the footsteps of the adventurers

Image de Hendrik Morkel


The 100% RAS, a new kind of women and mixed event allows the presence of accompanying persons, thus promoting solidarity, mutual aid and the sharing of this adventure.
Thus, families, friends, sponsors, enthusiasts will be able to vibrate at the same rhythm.than competitors (ts).


By joining Morocco by plane or by car at the starting point of the 1st special you will be able to follow the crews by accessible roads.

The circuit that we offer will allow you to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes before joining the crews at the bivouacs (except for the marathon stage) for the convivial moments at the end of the stage.

Training Eco driving

Join us !

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