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Questions fréquentes

  • Is there an age limit to participate?
    There is no age limit, the only obligation being for the pilot to possessdriver's license.
  • How do I know if I will have the capacity to meet such a challenge?
    If adrenaline and sporty driving attract you, the 100% RAS is made for ! The event is accessible to all.
  • Is it possible to perform the 100% RAS alone?
    Yes. in 4x4, SSV and historic vehicles.
  • Do I have to take out insurance to participate in the rally?
    Repatriation insurance is provided by the organization.Get closer to your insurance regarding your vehicle.
  • Is my French driving license valid abroad?
    The French driving license is sufficient. You just need to make sureits validity (number of points available).Telepoint: Check your license Points balance - LegiPermis
  • Is it recommended to follow a physical training before the  competition?
    The event is open to everyone! We just recommend being in good healthphysical form and good morale.
  • Are there any vaccination requirements?
    There is no specific vaccination to go to Morocco.However, vaccination against Covid-19 is strongly recommended.
  • My participation in the rally requires a specific vehicle, how do I  get one if I don't have one?"
    There are rally vehicle rental companies, if necessary, contact usThe 100% RAS can also direct you to serious rental companies whowill put a suitable vehicle at your disposal.
  • What costs are covered by my financial contribution?
    See the detailed list on the registration page of the website under the headingthe name of the section?
  • I'am interested ! How do I register?
    The registration file is to be downloaded from the website under the heading (coming soon) It must then be returned using the form provided for this purpose from the tab (coming soon) in the member area or by email to the following address:, accompanied by payment by Paypal.It is also possible to return it by post with check payable to 100% RAS, to the following address: 264, Chemin du Casino17590 Saint Clément-des-Baleines
  • Which method(s) of payment should I use before and during the rally (CB,  cash, local currency...)?"
    Have cash to pay for fuel and feesmiscellaneous as well as a bank card (€uros and Dirham) for your other purchases.More information: What currency is used in Morocco? | National OfficeMoroccan Tourism (
  • How can I successfully collect the necessary funds for my participation  in the rally?
    You can take steps to find partners or createevents such as lotteries, parties – pools etc... to raise money.Communication tools (photos, 100% RAS logo, 100% RAS brochure,are also at your disposal to help you in your stepsconstruction of the partner file.
  • What type(s) of luggage(s) should I use?
    Avoid suitcases!A sports bag is ideal. The volume of luggage must be adapted tothe size of the trunk of the 4 x 4.Luggage must be secured and tied inside the 4 x 4.
  • What should I take in my luggage?
    Prefer cotton clothes or new materials for clothingsport. A good pair of shoes, comfortable and resistant, warm clothes or down jackets for cool evenings are essential.
  • What is essential to bring?
    Provide 5 liters of water per person, survival blankets, a lamp, a compass, 1 lighter, 1 survival mirror, a tent, a duvet per person, a telephone with Moroccan Sim card, a pair of glasses sunglasses and ski goggles in case of wind or sandstorm.
  • When will the rally route be revealed?
    The global itinerary will be revealed after the reconnaissance.These will take place in September-October 2021.Departure from the North of Morocco to finish at the edge of the ocean.
  • What is the total duration of the rally?
    Sunday April 10, 2021 - Everything will be confirmed after Moroccan authorizations and reconnaissance.
  • Is it possible to join the rally directly in Morocco?
    Yes. It will be possible to meet in Morocco. In this case, the verificationtechnical and administrative must be carried out the day before departure.
  • Is it necessary to have a first aid kit?
    Yes. It will be mandatory and must include an antiseptic, bandages, eye drops... not to mention your own medication.
  • What are the procedures in the event of abandonment/premature termination?
    In case of abandonment of a stage, the competitors will join the other teams on thescheduled finish site of the stage or at the bivouac. They may, if they wish, resume thestart of the race the next day.In the event of definitive abandonment of the race, the costs incurred cannot be subject toa refund.
  • Where will I be accommodated during the rally?
    Apart from 1 to 2 nights under the stars in a bivouac, all accommodationwill take place in RIADS of good standing with evening meals and smalls lunches included.
  • Should I provide sleeping equipment?
    Yes. Bring a tent, a duvet, and camping equipment to go throughone or two nights under the stars.
  • Is there a supplement to pay for my accommodation?
    Everything is included except drinks and personal extras.Accommodation includes a double room per crewas well as breakfasts and evening meals.Single rooms will be possible for an additional fee.
  • Should I plan my meals during the rally?
    All evening meals are included except those for the night(s) under the stars.Only midday rations are to be expected as well as one or two breakfasts.
  • Can I connect to the Internet during the rally?
    Wifi is often available in the RIADS.You must have a Moroccan Sim card.
  • Will it be possible to contact my relatives during the rally?
    One phone per crew is mandatory, with Moroccan Sim card.
  • Is the use of my phone prohibited during the rally?
    No, essential telephone with a Maroc-telecom Sim card
  • How long are the stages? Their distance?
    Between 150 and 300 km of specials per day for a duration of 5 to 8 hours ofconduct.
  • Does speed take priority over events?
    The speed is adapted to regular terrain.Two possible choices: soft or sustained but never excessive speed.
  • What to do in case of illness or accident?
    A medical team will be available 24 hours a day.Doctors' vehicles will be present on the track as well as a tentmedical at the bivouac.
  • I got lost during a stage. How to do ? Who to contact?
    A geolocation and alert system is provided in each vehicle.
  • Solidarity is a strong element of the rally. What does it consist of?
    All proceeds from adventurer registrations will be donated to thecancer research split 70% for France and 30% for theMorocco.
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