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French Federation of 4X4
100% Female & Mixed

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Logo FF 4x4 - Féminin & Mixte

The French Federation of 4×4 created, in 2012, a Feminine and Mixed Pole  which is 100% dedicated to you.

Totally beginner (t) or not, the preparation to participate in a rally is always an important moment. The FF4X4 understood the importance for a crew to be supported, and to be understood during the preparation phase.


Carrying out your project to the end, being supported to avoid mistakes from the start, finding advice and tips so as not to miss your adventure...


Find with the 100% female and mixed pole:

  • The stages of preparing a rally crew (finding your teammate, the vehicle, etc.)

  • A typical framework of sponsorship file to facilitate the development of this one and to be sure not to forget anything.

  • Advice for budgeting your adventure and financing your project.

  • A toolbox developed so as not to miss its vehicle preparation.

  • Examples and explanations of the different navigation systems (done in collaboration with the FF4X4 training center).

  • A list of items to find in your suitcase to be on top in the middle of nowhere.

  • Take advantage of insurance to practice your leisure in complete safety.

  • A dedicated contact within the FF4X4 who can answer all your questions.

The FF4×4 does not sponsor crews, but the support that we can  provide is not to be minimized.

Company ? Association ?

Do you want to join and support the Rally ?

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