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Stephanie coach

Stéphanie, a Rally-Raid enthusiast for almost 10 years, will support you in preparing for the latter. His good advice, from preparing the 4x4, to helping you find sponsors, will be key elements in the success and comfort of your next adventure.

She is also a resident of this magnificent country, which she surveys all year round and can do it for you discover through his actions, his great humanity.

Image de Mari Potter
La vie en roses

"Make your life a dream and your dreams a reality" is Stephanie's philosophy of life

51 years old, married, mother of 5 children and grandmother of 3 grandchildren, this hyper active is passionate about life. Very active whether at the professional, sporting or humanitarian level, this thanks to the support of her relatives who follow her and encourage her in all her projects.

In 2014, she discovered Morocco during a Rally Raidfall in love with this country, of these inhabitants and became passionate about Rally-Raids.

Since then, she has been chaining them while coaching a large number of crew, sharing her passion and her experience, to lead them to the starting line.

With her husband between two rallies she roams Morocco, up to decide to settle there. Today his dream has come true, and his passion for Rallies-Raid remains intact, and she is happy to share it with you.

His Rally-Raid CV:

  • 2014 Roses des Sables Trophy (co-driver)

  • 2015 Roses des Sables Trophy (Driver)

  • 2016 Roses des Sables Trophy (co-driver)

  • Rose des Sables Trophy 2017 (co-driver)

  • 2018 Roses des Sables Trophy (co-driver)

  • Trek Rose Trip 2019 (navigator)

  • 100% RAS 2022

His association: "La vie en Rose" (Life in pink)

La vie en Roses was born in 2015 after returning from a Rally Raid in southern Morocco, where I had crossed paths with Jean-Michel and Monique from the association "Ang'é là" there who asked me for help for a small village.

So I worked alongside them to help Iztat, and help them send supplies and clothing, provide financial support for development work, purchase school supplies, medicines and medical equipment for the villagers.

To this day the needs are still there, even if our goal is that one day they no longer need us.

Because education must be accessible to all, because education reduces inequalities, because education is a way out of poverty, because today every child has the right to choose their future!

Mimizan avec FF4x4
Stéphanie Guérin - 4x4 rose

100% Solidarity

Stéphanie Guérin

A word from your coach

Hello adventurers, and welcome to the 100% RAS.

You are about to live an incredible adventure, an adventure that will mark you forever.

These sensations, these feelings I know them, and today my only desire is to let you know them.

The 100% RAS in Morocco is not told, it is lived.

So you can count on me to accompany you, and share my experience with you to lead you to the starting line where I will meet you.

See you soon

Stephanie G.

Rally-Raid Coach

Supervise the operation Village Support

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Stéphanie Guérin

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