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Marie coach
of the Adventurers in the field 

Because living an adventure like the 100% RAS is an experience that we wish you to be extraordinary and which will remain etched in your memories forever, it is important to us to bring you the best so that you can feel confident in the field.

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Participating in a Rally is for many a real challenge! Filled with joy and exceptional unique moments yes that's for sure... but not only...
It therefore seems essential to us to be as close as possible to you and to your needs throughout this adventure, which is why Marie BERTY, your coach in the field, will be at your side to accompany you, guide, 
help you stay on track, good energy, confidence, fun, a spirit of Solidarity Adventurers and balance in your adventure to achieve your goal...

Pursue your dream in the best possible conditions!

Passionate about people and life, Marie is a certified Life Coach and Personal Image Coach, also trained in Positive Psychology. Thanks to her life experiences, she has developed a great capacity for resilience*.

Participant in a Women's Rally in the Moroccan desert following a breast cancer experience, she knows the terrain, the challenges and the state of mind to maintain to live this adventure fully and come out with unforgettable memories!

Coaching is a solution-oriented approach, so stress, slack, destabilizing emotions, loss of energy, worries, fears, relationship problems within the crew or with any other person, questions... Whatever you may be going through , There are solutions !

Marie will be your benevolent and motivating ear.
She will be able to offer you tools, techniques, keys and many other things, for your daily well-being in the field and to make your adventure a wonderful chapter in the book of your life!

Ready for a unique and meaningful adventure?

The whole team is looking forward to welcoming you to the Rallye des Aventurière Solidaires.

See you soon !

* - RESILIENCE :“Resilience is the ability to overcome difficult times, to transform pain into strength
driving force to surpass oneself and come out of it stronger. A skill we all have and can develop. A
resilient person understands that he is the architect of his own joy, his own happiness and his own destiny. »

Mari Berty

100% Solidarity

Mari Berty

A word from your coach

What a joy to be by your side during this exciting and vibrant human adventure.

I am happy to share with you my experience and my secrets as a coach to allow you to live an adventure that lives up to your expectations.

Hope to meet you !

With Passion, Joy & Sweetness

Marie AS Coach, Solidarity Adventurers

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Mari Berty

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