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Les serveurs

What are your rights ?

How to exercise your rights or contact the DPO

Management of consent to cookies and trackers

100%RAS uses a so-called "tag management" solution which centralizes the scripts and thus the collection of your consent according to practical methods allowing you to benefit from a user-friendly and ergonomic solution. Click here to manage the different functionalities depositing cookies (advertisements, social buttons, videos or other modules inserted on the pages of the site).

Form allowing the exercise of your rights in terms of personal data

The purpose of this form is to facilitate the exercise of rights relating to personal data processed by the company 100%RAS as data controller (e.g. forms on the site, data relating to orders or invoices, requests received by the 100%RAS support etc) and allows you to obtain information on these treatments.

This form should not be used if your request concerns data managed by an organization other than 100%RAS (eg data transmitted to an external partner or service provider, etc.). In this case, contact should be made with this other organisation. As a security measure, the transmission of personal data is subject to the possibility for Mobisure to identify the applicant. Accordingly, your request should be as specific as possible.

Any manifestly excessive or unfounded request will be refused.

* Mandatory information; in the absence of information the request will not be processed


First name*: 

E-mail* :

Phone number:

Attachment*: Photocopy of your identity document

Message subject* (among the following choices):

  • Right of opposition

  • Right of rectification

  • Permission to access

  • Right to erasure

  • Right to limitation

  • Right to portability

  • Delete a payment method

  • Other request to the DPO

Description of your request*:

NB: Attach any attachments

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